We provide 1 free initial design and 5 edit cycles.

Currently we offer 3 different delivery options.
  • Economy 6 weeks
  • Standard 5 weeks
  • Express 4 weeks
*If order is needed faster than 4 weeks, call our customer service (1-888-239-9140) to see what options we have available for you.

We offer discounts based on quantity, each product have it's own discount chart, click on the product to show the pricing information.
If you are ordering a large amount of units, get it touch with customer service (1-888-239-9140) to see if we can offer you a better pricing.

We have no minimum order requirements. You can order as few as 1 piece.

Yes. Once you have approved a design and created a store you can indicate sizes, names and numbers you would like us to print on the garments.

We take all major credit cards.

Team-stores are the perfect tool for anyone in charge of ordering uniforms. Once a team-store is created teammates are able to order the approved design and use their own shipping & billing information to place the order, goodbye to the hassle of recollecting money.

First you need to have an active account at Epiklo.com
There are 2 easy ways you can create a team-store.
  1. After you create a project and have approved a design you like, go to My projects tab and click on the LENS icon of the project you want to add to a team-store.
    If you don't have an active team store the system will guide you through the process of creating a new one, once the team store is created the design will be automatically added to it.
  2. You can create it directly under the Team store home page, just click on "create team store" and the system will guide you through the process of creating a new one, once the team store is created you will have the option to add approved designs or create new ones to add to the Team-store.

There's no limit, you can have as few as 1 product on your team-store or more than 20!

Click on TEAM STORES on the top blue menu of the website, then click on "MY TEAM STORES" under the sub-menu, now select the team store you want to share.
Once you are on the team-store logo you will see a share icon, you can share it via FACEBOOK,TWITTER,LINKED IN, PINTEREST OR EMAIL.